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I have found Regulatory Affairs Formulation course very helpful for gaining a better idea of what Regulatory Affairs is about. The material is clear and concise. It is easy to follow. Whenever I needed help then Raaj GPRAC was always ready to help me out with my questions and cleared my doubts.

Rishi Ratna Dewan

I am very grateful to have got the ppportunity to attend Medical Devices Course with Raaj GPRAC team. My expericence of joining Medical Device Regulations Course wirh Raaj GPRAC is very good. All the topics were well explained with real examples from Medical Device industry. All the trainers made the sessions very interactive by asking questions in between and discussing cse studies. The teaching methodology and study material provided were excellent. Mrs. Rajashri Ojha (Founder of RAAJ GPRAC) is a very knowledgeable, humble, passionate person and an expert in her field; she is also a very good guid and mentor, teaching from personal experience to show you the way. I thank Mrs. Rajashri Ojha and her Team and convey my best wishes to all of them/

Nupur Pitkar