Medical Device Marketing & Industry Trends Shaping 2022

Medical devices are used for the purpose of providing medical services. In fact, they’re used for a wide variety of services throughout =many areas of healthcare to help address many of the challenges that the healthcare industry is facing. Some of the most common medical devices include MRI machines, CT scanners, X-ray machines, LASIK surgical machines, infusion pumps, and PET scanners. The medical devices in hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare facilities are constantly evolving. The goal is often to find better ways to identify, diagnose, and treat diseases in more efficient and effective ways. Check out the information below regarding trends that will transform the medical device industry outlook in 2022.

Trends That Will Transform the Medical Device Industry Outlook

1. Enhanced Cybersecurity

As technology has advanced, so have the tactics of hackers. There is a new breed of cyberterrorism that’s daunting. It’s the reason why enhanced cybersecurity must be a priority in all areas of healthcare, including medical devices.

2. Wearable Fitness Technology

Wearable technology often referred to as “wearables,” started out simply by tracking the number of steps a person took each day. The technology is used to help medical professionals optimize the quality of care provided to patients, and this trend will continue in 2022. For instance, doctors can monitor a patient’s blood pressure and heart rate. Even if a person doesn’t have a medical condition, wearables can be used to promote overall health and wellness.

3. Internet of Medical Things

Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) is a variety of applications and medical devices used for the purpose of connecting IT systems in healthcare.

4. Medical Robots

A current trend that’s accelerating is the use of robots in medicine Medical robots are becoming more capable and able to perform procedures beyond the standard programming. The types and levels of tasks performed are expected to increase.

5. 3D Printed Objects

The use of 3d print technology is expanding. When used in the medical industry, there are remarkable possibilities that have the potential to prolong and save lives. All of these trends are expected to grow in 2022 and beyond.

6. Genomic Medicine

Genomic medicine is when genomic data is used to make decisions about a patient’s medical care. It involves the use of machine learning and artificial intelligence for the purpose of devising a plan of care that’s tailored to the specific needs of a patient

7. Computer Vision

The capabilities of machines will continue to expand, which includes their ability to see and interpret images to provide critical information. This includes being able to assess medical images and different types of scans.

8. Device Connectivity

Software as a medical device (SaMD) is software that’s being used to improve medical device connectivity. For instance, it can help patients feel more empowered by providing them with information about their medical history that can be used to better manage their health. If a patient has a chronic medical condition, they can use the data from medical devices to share information with healthcare professionals or to make better decisions about their own health.

9. 5G Technology

As is the case for other industries, the use of medical devices in healthcare often requires high-speed networks for optimal speed. Subsequently, 5G (fifth-generation wireless) technology is beneficial because it can provide the level of speed needed.

10. Virtual Reality

Virtual reality in healthcare often involves software that’s beneficial in many ways, such as training surgeons and medical students. It also benefits patients with depression, autism, vision problems, and many other conditions.